I Survived

This past weekend, I visited my friend Rana who moved to Nashville with her family last year.  When I checked the weather, it said, “Thunderstorms possible.” 

Little did we know that the “possible thunderstorms” would turn into severe weather and flooding.  It definitely altered our plans for the weekend.  For a while on Saturday afternoon, we hung out in a closet with her daughters because of tornados in the area. 

They encouraged a much-earlier-than-planned departure to ensure that I’d be able to make it back to Indiana.  But it wasn’t without its challenges.  The 5-hour trip took 7 due to turning around repeatedly because of flooded roads.  It was surreal to see cars sitting in water up to their roofs – and watch what looked like the Mississippi River rush through the middle of town.

I made it home safely.  Others were not so lucky.  After 13+ inches of rain, 18 lost their lives.  Thousands had to evacuate their homes.  56 Nashville schools were damaged.   The Grand Old Opry House, the Opryland Hotel, and the Tennessee Titans Stadium are under water.

Of all the weekends in the year, I chose this one to visit Nashville.  We joked that we needed to make t-shirts, “I survived the great flood of 2010 in Nashville.”


~ by Serena on May 5, 2010.

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