Earth Day Every Day

Today is Earth Day.  This year happens to be its 40th anniversary.  It was founded in 1970 as an environmental teach-in day.

My first memory of Earth Day was in elementary school.  We colored pictures that said Earth Day Every Day.  Our class (I assume it was all classes?) marched outside with tree seedlingss in hand to plant them.  I was more concerned that my shoes were getting muddy.  (Yes, even then I cared about shoes.)

This year I didn’t plant a tree in honor of Earth Day.  (I’m not sure how my maintenance men would feel about me messing with their landscaping.)  I’m sad to say that upon further reflecting, I’m probably not a good friend to the environment.  I don’t recycle.  (I don’t have a reason that I don’t other than I’m lazy.)  I don’t use those recyclable cloth grocery bags.  And I don’t drive a hybrid. 

Do you celebrate Earth Day every day by being environmentally friendly?


~ by Serena on April 22, 2010.

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