A Glorious Easter

Prior to Easter, Grace completed a sermon series about the importance of bringing your friends to Christ.  The challenge, then, was for the congregation to bring their friends, neighbors, co-workers, anyone they could drag in off the street (etc) to church with them on Easter.  Most people are more willing that time of year, anyway. 

We had record attendance, which we expected…and we had a plan.  On Easter Sunday, Grace (for the first time in years) had an altar call.  It’s not that we don’t believe in them… it’s just not something that we regularly do.  People flooded the stage answering God’s call.  Prayer team members collected their information, and each person was called/followed up with.  They were given the opportunity to be baptized the following weekend.

Last weekend, we baptized over 100 people.  At the end of each service, our pastor extended another call – for those who had been thinking about it over the past week and/or who had been kicking themselves for not responding.  57 more people came forward.


~ by Serena on April 21, 2010.

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