My boss just returned from a trip to New York City, so we had a conversation recently about Broadway – and consequently, musicals.  I have probably alluded to this before, but I LOVE musicals!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Phantom of the Opera – My compassionate heart aches for the Phantom in this drama which is now the longest running Broadway show in history.

Bye, Bye, Birdie! – This fun, energetic story of heartthrob Conrad Birdie being sent off to war makes me want to put on a poodle skirt and beg for “One Last Kiss.” 🙂

Wicked – It’s the story of the witches prior to the Wizard of Oz.  By far, it’s my favorite musical of all time!

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – This is one of my favorite Bible stories brought to life!  The musical isn’t entirely Biblically accurate, but it’s incredibly entertaining.

South Pacific- This Rodgers and Hammerstein favorite is set on an island in the South Pacific during World War II and has a fun sing-along soundtrack. 

Do you have a favorite musical?


~ by Serena on April 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Musicals”

  1. I also love Les Miserables – and for musicals that have been around for much longer, The Sound of Music is up there, and I love the movie version!! (the movie has two different songs – a definite improvement by Rogers and Hamerstein! I was in this musical in high school, and the two songs not in the movie were the weakest, I think. “I Have Confidence!” and “I Must Have Done Something Good” were both in the movie but not on stage.)

  2. My wife and I share a love of musicals. My favorites are Cats and Phantom of the Opera. The movie for Phantom was amazing as well. A soundtrack I listen to often but have never seen is Chess. I love the music and hope for a revival some day!

  3. Mary Poppins is my all time favorite, and it’s coming to Indy!
    Into The Woods is a close second.
    I love musicals, too! 🙂

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