Good Friday

“I dread God Friday.  I dread the images of torture and suffering.  I dread the somber music and the awful remembrance of the violent death of a loved one, of Jesus, The Loved One.  I dread the smother grief and the inescapable remorse and the terrible recollected cry ‘My God, why have you forsaken me?’ 

Left to my own devises, I’d probably skip Good Friday.  But I suspect that if I did, Easter morning would become increasingly hollow.  I’d forget how much my salvation cost. I’d start to believe that you can have victory without sacrifice.  I’d convince myself that you don’t have to die to live the resurrection.”

– taken from the article “What’s So Good About Good Friday?” by Carolyn Arends in Today’s Christian Woman


~ by Serena on April 2, 2010.

One Response to “Good Friday”

  1. I agree whole heartedly. Tonight our service at church is an interactive “experience” is how I think they put it. Its designed to help us reach a deeper level of understanding the depths of his sacrifice. But for me – there was a service a few years ago and the pastor said at the moment Christ called out “my God why have you forsaken me” was the moment God had to look away. It was then that Jesus, his son and part of the trinity was separated from his Father – for how ever long that took it was agony. That concept or realization has stayed with me. Aside from the physical torture, he was all alone with the weight of the worlds sin.

    If we didnt allow ourselves this time to reflect we would be part of the “world” then – who is hard hearted and turns away from the truth in foolishness. You are so right that the grief we feel today allows for Sunday to be that much more of a celebration and so much more rich.

    Happy Easter to you –

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