I’m Just a Girl…Without Shoes?

I had the privilege of serving on Faith Quest #29 a few weeks ago.  My role required me to be on my feet quite a bit.  I tolerated heels on Friday (since I came from work), but I couldn’t wait to pamper my feet with my very comfortable running shoes on Saturday morning.

I went to grab them from my suitcase, but they weren’t in the pocket that usually houses my beloved shoes when I’m traveling.  I ruffled through my clothes desperately trying to find them.  To my dismay, they weren’t there, which left me only with a pair of very-cute-but-not-comfortable-at-all high heels. 

Thankfully, my friend Melissa (who also acted as Guide) let me borrow a pair of her shoes for the rest of the weekend.  (They were so comfortable I threatened to steal them. :))  I was so grateful for Melissa’s generosity – and that she was my size and had a spare pair of shoes in the first place.  God clearly worked it all out. 

But I found myself in a foul mood in the aftermath.  How could I do such a stupid thing?  Quite easily, actually.  I went to the gym earlier that day, so my running shoes remained in my gym bag on my bedroom floor.  It was a simple miss on my part.  Yet that didn’t reconcile my frustration with myself – or end my mental bashing.  I didn’t want Satan to continue to steal my focus.  So I turned to prayer.

God, thanks for providing shoes for this forgetful girl.  Please change my bad attitude…

It was just a few minutes later that I recognized the irony of the situation: Me, the Queen of Shoes, forgot them.

And I laughed.


~ by Serena on March 30, 2010.

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