Follow Up: A Step of Faith

In response to my A Step of Faith post, my Mom emailed me the following, “Your blog today left me in tears wondering how in the world you got that image of God.”  For those who may have wondered the same thing, allow me to clarify…

It was never a conscious decision.  It’s not like I woke up one day and thought, “Today I’m going to believe God’s critical and doesn’t love me.”  It was a gradual shift based on life experiences. 

For a long time I looked at it this way… I’m not a parent.  Obviously.  But I love my cats like they’re my children.  I would die for them.  If anyone EVER tried to hurt them, I would probably attack.  (And I’m not a violent person.)  I don’t think I could stand the pain of watching them get hurt.

It’s a fair assumption that God probably loves me more than I could ever love my girls. I logically knew in my head that He was a good, loving God, yet my heart struggled to believe how a good, loving God could just stand by as I was abused or raped or mugged, especially when He had the power to stop it.  It didn’t make sense to me.  It’s the age-old question, “How can God be good and still let bad happen?” 

Quite simply, I still don’t have the answers.  But my counselor shared some insight with me that challenged my beliefs.  Naturally. 

When we were discussing this very thing, she asked, “Did God love Jesus?”  Yes. 

“Did God love Jesus any less when he was hanging on the cross dying for our sins and going through excruciating pain?”  No. 

Her point was clear: God doesn’t love me (or anyone else) any less just because He allows pain and suffering. 

So as I try to continue to take the step of faith that God is loving and kind and good and full of grace, I’m also choosing to believe that He loves me and that He can use those bad things to somehow fulfill His purposes.

“That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives is worked into something good.”   -Romans 8:28 (The Message)


~ by Serena on March 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Follow Up: A Step of Faith”

  1. I am so very thankful that I found you today … I needed to hear this very message as it is something I am currently struggling with in a most acute way. Thank you for this post!

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