My Fat Calves

I have fat calves. 

Let’s be clear… I’m not referring to livestock ready for slaughter.  I’m talking about the lower parts of my legs.  In which case, you can imagine how NOT excited I am to have the word “fat” associated with any part of my body.   

I discovered this horrific revelation when boot shopping a few weeks ago.  I saw a cute pair at DSW, whisked some in my size off the shelf, and scurried off to find one of those mirrored-bench things. 

I went to zip them up, but they wouldn’t go all the way.  Surely, something must be wrong here, as I examined the boot, perplexed. 

I tried on another pair.  They wouldn’t zip up either. 

Drat!  I quickly realized that my calf size was the problem, not the boots.  I could blame my running, lifting, or genetics, but it wouldn’t make my calves any smaller.  I was discouraged…and ready to starve myself for 3 weeks in order to make my boots of choice work.  (And yet, somehow I don’t think the weight would’ve fallen straight off my calves like I may want it to.)

After some brief internet research, I discovered that DSW sells some “wide calf” boot options.  Apparently I’m not the only one with this problem, which made me feel at least one iota better.  Unfortunately, their wide calf options weren’t what my wide-calved self desired.

After searching unsuccessfully at several of my favorite and frequented shoe stores, I finally bought a pair at Rack Room Shoes.


Rack Room Shoes… My Hero! 🙂

~ by Serena on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “My Fat Calves”

  1. You have running legs – like me 🙂

  2. I totally know where your coming from thats why I started Bennetts Boots .com I just wanted to say its NOT You it is the boots. They should be made to fit everyday people not just stick figures or those who win the ginetic lottory and have narrow calves. You dont have Fat calves you have curves like all fab women!

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