Things I Hate…

“Do you know what I hate?” I asked my boss as he walked by my desk. 

“Red ink?” he responded, confidently.  (I’ve trained him well.)

“Well, yes, but that’s not what I’m referring to in this particular case.  I hate it when my computer restarts automatically when I’m away from my desk.  Grrr…” 

The conversation got me thinking about things that I hate.  Here’s my non-comprehensive list…

Lima beans

Funeral homes

The Patriots

Bad drivers

Pop ups on web sites (Indianapolis Star, this means you!)

Email forwards

Wasting time

Bad grammar


What things do you hate?


~ by Serena on January 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “Things I Hate…”

  1. Does bad grammer count for us southerns. our simply speach is typically spokken incorrectlly and we oftten end our phrases in prepositions do to are lack of edumacation but we always includ a little southern charm – a wink, touch, or smile – for ease on the ears : )

  2. … I try to differentiata “hate” from “am strongly annoyed by…” I save “hate” for the things that really deserve it, like the final item on your list. Abuse is just WRONG!!! And with this would go other things that break my heart, like poverty and broken lives…

    As for things that REALLY strike a nerve, I strongly dislike lima beans, hominy, coffee, alcohol (I’m one of those odd folks who really doesn’t like either of these flavors – at all), misuse of apostrophes, hypcritical behaviour (especially when I recognize it in the mirror), excessive negativity… I’ve become a bit more lax with grammar, but not with myself in this regard. And incorrect grammar does grate a bit, but it depends on the context and speaker.

  3. Well, a little southern libation such as a Mint Julep or Southern Belle should help get the taste out of your mouth : )

  4. […] (If you haven’t figured that out from my other blogs that have referenced this – here, here, here , and here if you’re curious.)  I hate it that people regularly cut me off, run red […]

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