Breaking Our Hearts

There has been a topic that I’ve successfully avoided on my blog until today: Haiti.

At first, I was so in shock that I didn’t know what to say. 

As the enormity of the catastrophe slowly sunk in, I thought of writing a blog about why God allows bad things to happen.  But, honestly, it’s a subject I have deeply struggled with and don’t really have answers for.  In my finite (lack of) wisdom, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it all. 

But I do know this:  God is bigger than any earthquake, any flood, any hurricane, any tornado. I believe that He knows what He’s doing, and He’s got it under control.  I believe that He can use this… even utter devastation like this…for good.  And I believe He already has.

Our church has partnered with two ministries in Haiti and took up a special offering.  To date, we’ve raised over $230,000.  And when we got word last week that Indianapolis might be receiving a plane full of 300 Haitian orphans who needed homes and families (preferably permanent), we had more than enough families lined up in less than 12 hours (most of which were in the middle of the night). 

God is moving.  He’s opening hearts.  He’s breaking our hearts for the things that break His…

~ by Serena on January 27, 2010.

One Response to “Breaking Our Hearts”

  1. WOW. Praise God for money raised and pray those children find loving homes!

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