A Survey…of Sorts

Okay, now that I have one year of blogging under my belt, I want to know how I’m doing.  Kind of like an annual review.  So, I want to hear from you…

What type of blogs do you like – personal rants, devotionals, stories?  What don’t you like?  Are they too long/short?  Too serious? 

Most of my posts are admittedly about me, my life, and the random experiences I tend to attract.  Are there topics you’d like to hear more about or for me to tackle?  (Just don’t suggest that I do book reviews…it’d be a waste of your time just typing the words. :))

What do you think about choosing a topic and doing a series on it?  If so, any ideas?  I’ve toyed with the idea of featuring some of my shoes – telling where I got them, how little I paid for them, what I wear them with.  Thoughts?

Just for the record…You, my beloved blog readers, are difficult to predict.  But here are my (very non-scientific) observations on your trends:  My more serious/thought-provoking posts (some of my personal favorites) tend to get no comments.  The ones where I ask questions/seek responses oftentimes fail, but my more whimsical, random ones (that I absolutely cannot predict) get most of the feedback.  You all definitely keep me on my toes!

Leave a comment here or shoot me an email… just let me know what you think!  Here’s your only rule:  keep it honest.  Thanks, friends!


~ by Serena on January 12, 2010.

9 Responses to “A Survey…of Sorts”

  1. I have greatly enjoyed your blog and look forward to any and all topics that you decide to publicly discuss.

  2. What are the best blogs? The ones you write from your heart.

    That would include all of them, because they represent the person you are. Truly. Just be free to write whatever you feel led to write. It’s like the pieces of a puzzle. How do you say what piece of the puzzle is the “best?” All the pieces are important because if one were missing, the puzzle would be incomplete.

  3. Thanks, friends… I appreciate your encouragement!

  4. I like the ones where you mention your love of Chick-fil-A Sweet Tea

  5. Keeping things pretty short is generally a good idea, as people often don’t take too much time to read any one particular blog. I think the personal blogs have been the most interesting (though blogs about shoes sounds kind of boring to me). Also, I don’t think the number of comments is a good gauge of how worthwhile a specific blog is. I like thought provoking blogs, but I’ve learned from experience too that these often don’t get the most comments. I know I follow a handful of blogs, but I don’t often comment on any of them. I might like what they had to say, but not really have anything to say in response, or may simply not feel like I should take the time. I’ve recognized that you seem to end a majority of blogs with a question. Because you ask questions so much, it kind of felt like you were asking them for the sake of asking, more than really being curious as to the answer. But on the other hand, questions are a good way to ask for feedback.

    • Sometimes I ask questions for feedback (like in this blog). Othertimes I just want to make people think and don’t expect a response.
      Good thoughts… thanks for the feedback!

  6. I know I’m not being very timely here… but to add to what T.R. said, your thought-provoking blogs are valued… as was also mentioned, don’t judge a blog’s value by the number of comments. Sometimes, there simply isn’t anything I can say that doesn’t feel too trite.

  7. You know I love your blog…but I REALLY like the shoes idea 🙂 That sounds great!!

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