Alex and I met recently at a birthday party for a mutual friend.  Most of our conversing was about cars, seeing as how Alex is a mechanic.  He was an Economics major at Purdue, but he loves cars, so he’s content working on them for the time being.

And so we discussed makes and models, oil changes, tune ups, and the like.  We had probably exhausted car topics when he turned the tables on to me.  “What is it that you do?”

“I work at my church,” I said.  I gave him the spiel about how it’s a mega-church with a large staff, and I’m in charge of publications. 

“Where do you go to church?” I asked, presumptuously.

“I don’t.  I’m an atheist,” he replied.  “So I’m sure you want nothing to do with me like every other Christian.” 

“Of course not,” I said.  “I want to know more.  What is it that you believe?”

He shared with me that he grew up Methodist and attended a local Catholic High School.  It wasn’t until he was in college that he started “thinking for himself” and “having questions.”

“So, are you going to try to convert me now?” he asked, tauntingly.

“No,” I replied.  “But I will pray for you.”

The stunned look on his face said it all.     

I’ve remained true to my word.  I pray for Alex every time I drive by his apartment complex (which happens to be fairly often), and I will continue to do so.  I’m planning to take my car to his shop for its next oil change so that we can hopefully continue our conversation – and help reinterate that not every Christian shuns others with varying religious beliefs.

Alex is the second atheist I’ve conversed with in the last year.  (To read about the first, click here.)  In both cases, they have had horrendous experiences/conversations with Christians.  It breaks my heart that the people who need to experience the love of Christ the most are being turned away from Him by those who claim to be His followers.


~ by Serena on January 7, 2010.

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