Playing In the Shadow

One of my favorite parts of going to Colts games is the starting line-up.  I love watching Blue ride out on his four-wheeler.  I love hearing the fans roar as players’ names are called and they emerge from the tunnel.  I love seeing the players run through the line of cheerleaders and excitedly high-five their teammates. 

As I was listening and cheering a few weeks ago at the Colts/Titans game, I realized that there were names being called that I didn’t recognize.  I consider myself to be a pretty big Colts fan, so I was somewhat perplexed.  I glanced at the roster in my hand.  There were several players I had never heard of. 

The more I thought about it, the more I sympathized with them.  There are 53 (active) players on that team, but many of them live in the shadow of the “star” players.   

Obviously, Peyton is incredibly talented.  So is Reggie Wayne.  And Dallas Clark.  (And…And…And… :))  They deserve every bit of praise that they receive. 

And yet I’m guessing that the rest of the team puts in just as much time, practice, and travel.  They equally commit their livelihood to the Colts.  They wear their blue and white jerseys with pride, but how often do they get recognized in public or asked for autographs?

Since that game, I’ve made it a personal goal to learn the names and numbers of every player on the team…because they are an equally integral part of my beloved Colts. 

This blog is dedicated to those players whose names may never be mentioned in a single game, those who go on the field and play their hearts out week after week with little recognition.  I notice and appreciate you, Charlie Johnson, Kyle DeVan, Gijon Robinson, Philip Wheeler, Daniel Muir, and Justin Snow…Thanks for all that you do to make the team what it is… 14-0.

Go Colts!


~ by Serena on December 22, 2009.

One Response to “Playing In the Shadow”

  1. How true – and as I watch the games from our comfy living room, I’ll keep my eye out for these players and others besides the big names (though #18 is the only number I immediately recognize). Well said, Serena – Go Colts!!

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