A few days ago, my dad brought in the last of his crops. 

This year’s finish date was admittedly later than usual, due to Mother Nature’s generosity with rain.  After waiting, praying, and much patience, the harvest is in… finally.

It starts with planting the seeds in the spring.  Over time, with the help of moisture and sunlight, the seeds sprout.  The plants begin to grow.  Not only do they have to withstand wind, rain, storms, and hail, it also must overcome droughts/flooding, plights of insects, and early frosts.  After reaching their full growth potential, the plants dry, and they are able to be harvested.  A process that began MONTHS ago is finally complete. 

When that day comes and the harvest is in, it’s a beautiful day worth celebrating.

Congratulations, Dad!


~ by Serena on December 15, 2009.

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