A Redhead Walked Into a Bar…

beerI went to 8 Seconds Saloon a few weeks ago to support Outer Sanctum, a Christian group that was in the finals of their Battle of the Bands.

I don’t hang out in bars too often (or ever), so it was somewhat of an eye-opening experience for me.  It started from the moment I approached the building, when I was carded by the bouncer.  I clearly surpassed the age limit, so I was let in the door. 

I was met by three men taking tickets.  Two of them cat-called me.  The other blatantly looked me up and down.  I couldn’t find my friends fast enough. 

Almost everyone (except me) was smoking.  Some people were stoned.  Most were drinking.  Several were drunk (and couldn’t walk).  One couple was nearly having sex in the corner. 

About half-way through the night, my friend and I decided to be typical girls and go to the bathroom together.  (We weren’t about to go alone.)  That, in and of itself, was an adventure.  One woman was so drunk that she was throwing up all over the place.  Another group of women were smoking something in the corner.  I was scared to even touch the door to open the bathroom stall.

Outer Sanctum was 6th in the line-up.  They sang lyrics like, “You’re worth so much more than you could ever know,” to this group of people that probably rarely hears such a positive message.

They were overwhelmed at the response.  One woman asked for their autograph.  Another raved about how awesome it was to have a Christian band in the finals.  An elderly woman approached them,thanked them for their music,and said she has prayed that Christians would somehow witness to her son (who was in another band that night).

Outer Sanctum didn’t win the Battle of the Bands, but I have no doubt that they touched hearts.  They shone Christ’s Light to a world that so desperately needs it, to a place other Christians are unwilling to go. 

Well done, good and faithful servants…


~ by Serena on November 17, 2009.

One Response to “A Redhead Walked Into a Bar…”

  1. This is so heart-warming to read. To feel your support there at the bar and now is as rewarding as any praise for the music we played.
    p.s. Written from 20000 feet in the air on free wi-fi on a plane. Technology is amazing…there is literally massive amounts of data flying through the air

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