Have a Kidney? Give a Kidney…


My mouth dropped open as I read my friend’s facebook status. “My friend Dan needs a kidney.  You have to be over 18, under 50, in good health, and a blood match.  Email him if you’re interested.”


Only 72 hours earlier, I had said the words (in the context of a conversation about how giving Jesus was and how I desire to give more), “If I knew someone who needed an organ, I would donate it.”

And so as I stared at the computer screen, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was from God.  In all my 28 years, I had never previously verbalized that I was willing to donate an organ.  Nor in my 28 years had I ever heard of a person actually needing one. 

I e-mailed Dan immediately.  He responded quickly (and gratefully) with details regarding the process.  My first step, if interested, was to be interviewed by a nurse to see if I even qualified for organ donation.  A 35-minute phone conversation later, I was declared a good candidate.

But did I want to be a good candidate?  The more I found out about the surgery, the more I wasn’t sure.  A 4-hour surgery with a recovery of 4-6 weeks didn’t sound appealing.  Neither did potentially being rejected from health, life, and disability insurance companies in the future.  Perhaps most disturbing was the potential difficulties with pregnancy if I should have children some day. 

I have to admit, the negatives were far outweighing the positives…But if Jesus gave His life for me, I could give a kidney.  Besides, if I needed one, I would want someone to donate it. 

My next step?  Having 5 viles of blood drawn and sent away for testing to see we were compatible. 

I prayed.  I saught wisdom.  And I waited… 

12 days later, I received the call.  “Unfortunately, you are not a match for Dan,” the lady from the transplant center said.

Sadness (and some relief) swept over my body.  But then I remembered my prayer for clarity.  Thanks, God

If you or someone you know is interested in donating a kidney, you must be over 18 years old and less than 50.  You need to be in good health and have O blood type in order to match Dan.  Please pray for him as he seeks to find another donor.

~ by Serena on November 6, 2009.

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