It Takes Guts To End Abuse

It Takes GutsI got my hair cut a few weeks ago at Beauty Brands.  As I walked into the store, I noticed a picture of a woman in the window wearing a purple t-shirt that said, “It takes guts to end abuse.”

My stylist had barely gotten “Hi Serena!  Have a seat…” out of her mouth before I asked, “Where can I buy one of those t-shirts?”  Unfortunately, the shirts aren’t for sale. 

But what IS for sale is Redken’s Volume Boosting Spray.  All proceeds go to local domestic abuse shelters.   

Well done, Beauty Brands and Redken…what a beautiful way to raise awareness and support!


~ by Serena on November 5, 2009.

7 Responses to “It Takes Guts To End Abuse”

  1. Hmmm. Charitable big hair.

  2. If you like the shirt so much have one like it made. There are lots of great custom shirt shops in Indiana that could do that for you.

  3. Good thought, T.R.!

  4. That is a great shirt. Too bad they aren’t selling them. I never wear tee shirts with any writing/logo stuff but I’d wear that one.
    On another note, I finally realized that for some reason my RSS feed of your blog wasn’t showing up so I redid it and I hope it works now!

  5. I know – I can’t believe they didn’t make them to sell. They’re great! My stylist said that SOO many people had asked about them. Maybe they’ll have them for sale next year!

  6. Wow, girlfriend, I need one of those, too. Love you, brave one!

  7. […] last year when I was so excited about Beauty Brands’ campaign It Takes Guts To End Abuse?  Well, […]

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