God. Answers. Prayers.

Gift Bag“God, I know You love me,” I prayed.  It was one of those days.  You know the kind.  A day where everything seems to be going wrong. 

“So, God, if You could step it up and help me feel Your love today, that would be great.”

God.  Answers.  Prayers. 

Over my lunch hour, I ran some errands, one of which included getting gas.  I was sitting at the gas station when I did a double-take.  A few cars over were dear friends of mine from Muncie.   I walked over, only for them to leap out of their vehicle and give me the biggest hugs.  We chatted for about 15 minutes before we parted ways. 

I was driving away, when I thought, “What are the odds that they would be in Carmel, and I would run into them at a gas station?”  Then it hit me.  Pretty good, if God wanted to send me hugs and smiles.

I went home after work, only to find a belated birthday gift sitting on my porch – and an encouraging note in the mail from a friend.

Thanks, God…

Have you asked for what you need today?

Ask and it shall be given unto you…” –Matthew 7:7


~ by Serena on October 26, 2009.

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