Public Enemies

public_enemies_posterOne of my friends is in Public Enemies, a movie that came out this summer depicting the life of John Dillinger. 

My friend was cast as an extra for the movie that filmed in Chicago.  He was classified as an A-List extra, which meant he got to be in scenes close to the main actors, including Johnny Depp.

It was fascinating to learn more about how movies were made.  They gave him a 30s style haircut; he was fitted with a wardrobe; and he got his makeup done daily. 

I watched the movie with him in the theater, so I got the “behind the scenes” commentary.  I’m sure we annoyed everyone else there, but I found it interesting.

“Johnny’s a lot shorter in real life than I imagined,” he said during the opening scene.  He described Johnny as laidback and very down to earth.  “I reached out my hand, and he shook it,” my friend said, giddy. 

My friend was not as impressed with Christian Bale, who he described as “stuck on himself.”

My friend was only visible in one scene in the movie, but that’s one more scene in a major motion picture than I’m in.

Congratulations, Elsworth! 🙂


~ by Serena on October 2, 2009.

One Response to “Public Enemies”

  1. That’s very interesting. I’m fascinated by behind the scenes things, in part since that is part of my industry.

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