Grace Exterior 5Three years ago this week, I became an employee of Grace Community Church.

Honestly, I thought I would never start.  I applied for the position in June after I saw the job posting in the Navigator.  It was during my first interview in July that I was asked, “You realize the position is part-time, right?” 

*Serena’s heart sinking.

This job is perfect for me, I thought. Why can’t it be full-time?

I received a call a few weeks later requesting a second interview.  I kindly reminded the Human Resource lady that I could not accept a part-time job. 

I know, she said.  We just want to talk to you again. 

I was more than happy to oblige, though I thought it was a waste of both of our time.  My second interview was in August and couldn’t have gone better.  I connected with the interviewers.  I answered their questions well.  They even gave me a tour of the church and showed me where I could potentially be working. 

Are you sure this can’t be a full-time position?  I asked, hopeful. 

As the job description is written, it’s part-time.

I walked out of the church with tears in my eyes.  I knew God wanted me there, but there was no way I could swing a part-time position.  God?

I received a call from the H.R. lady a few days later.  We are so convinced that God wants you here that we are making the position full-time… for you.

*tears of joy!

I started working at Grace on September 28, 2006.  I am confident that He called me here, and I’m quite content to stay until He leads me elsewhere.  In the meantime, I’m absolutely blessed to call this my church and work home.  It was 100% worth the wait!


~ by Serena on October 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Grace”

  1. That’s so awesome–I had no idea it had happened like that! It’s one of those great things, like the time I got a raise at a new job before I even got my first paycheck!

  2. I know of at least one reason God put you there: to be one of the best blessings I recieved from working at Grace. 🙂 You’re a true friend and I couldn’t be happier that God placed you there three years ago.

  3. Kelly… a raise before you started? That’s awesome!

    Johnny…awww…I love you, man.

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