CadburyI’m a quirky person.

When eating M&Ms, I first separate them into their colors.  I start eating the color that has the most, so that I end up with even numbers of all colors.  From there, I eat off the brown ones (since they’re ugly), and  I always save the green ones for last.

When I eat a Cadbury Egg, I try to peel off the aluminum foil without tearing it.  It’s harder than you think.

I prefer to only eat breakfast foods in the morning.  Cracker Barrel’s “We serve breakfast all day” is lost on me.

I have an affinity for dipping foods – carrots in dip, breadsticks in cheese, tortilla chips in queso.  Mmm…

But my quirks extend past food…to my hair.  I only wash it every other day.  (It’s healthy, I promise. Ask my stylist.)  And when I’m bored, I’m known to cut off my split ends with a pair of scissors.

I refuse to walk on sidewalk grates.  Or in cemeteries over where bodies are buried.  Or on the same side of the street as a funeral home.  But that probably has more to do with my phobia than my quirkiness.

And you’ve gotta admit that it’s little weird that I prefer squares to circles.  Every time.

 Are you quirky?


~ by Serena on August 26, 2009.

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