In Your Hands

orange moonWhenever I fly, I always request a window seat.  Not only do I usually get a great aerial view, I also don’t get bumped by a beverage cart (if I were in the aisle) or squeezed between two strangers (if I were in the middle).  And since I’m vertically-challenged, leg room isn’t a problem.

I was flying a few years ago, catching up on my People gossip, when I glanced out the window.  I was suddenly mesmerized by an orange harvest moon.  It was huge.  I wanted to reach my hand out the window and grab it.

I quickly closed my magazine and stared.  Normally when I see the moon, it involves me squinting far off into the sky.  This time, I merely turned my head to the right, and it was so close that I could see divots in its surface.

In that moment, I felt closer to God.

Maybe it’s because I was 30,000-some feet closer to Him.  Maybe it was because my paradigm had been shaken; the moon that I’m accustomed to seeing far away was suddenly right outside my window…in a big way. Or maybe it was because my future was completely out of my hands.  In that moment, all of my trust was in the captain of the plane and God.

I live a pretty controlled life.  If there’s a problem, I solve it.  If there’s a task that needs done, I complete it (then mark it off my “To Do” list).  I’m pretty self-sufficient.  Most days, I feel completely in control.

And so, sitting on that U.S. Airways flight, I was completely OUT of control.  My life was in His hands, which is how it’s supposed to be every day. 

I was so inspired that I wrote the following poem/song during that flight…

I’m in Your hands when the world’s against me
I’m in Your hands as I come and go
I’m in Your hands when I’m in the valley
And it touches me to know
I’m in Your hands

I’m in Your hands when I walk through fire
I’m in Your hands even when I stray
I’m in Your hands when I’m out of hope
And I know You’re here to stay
I’m in Your hands

I’m in Your hands when the sun’s a shinin’
I’m in Your hands when the clouds are grey
I’m in Your hands when life isn’t easy
And in Your lap I’ll lay
I’m in Your hands

I’m in Your hands when my lips are silent
I’m in Your hands when they sing Your praise
I’m in Your hands when my feet are dancin’
And to You these songs I raise
I’m in Your hands

Even when I’m reminded of moments like these (like today, as I prepare to board a plane bright and early tomorrow morning), it’s a challenge for me to place all of my control in His hands. 

Why is it so hard to surrender?  It’s not that I think I can manage my life better than He can.  I know better.  Maybe I’m more of a control freak than I care to admit.

Thanks, God, that I am in Your hands…and that there’s no better place to be.


~ by Serena on July 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “In Your Hands”

  1. Beautiful!! You’ll have to sing it for me some time when you’re up this way. 🙂

    I’m praying for you as you’re in Japan, and for your safe return!

  2. Wow, you just reminded me how precious and fragile life really is! Very beautifully written. Why am I nervous to board an aircraft now? ha ha

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