balloonsToday is my birthday. 

“How are you feeling about turning 28?” One of my friends asked me a few weeks ago.

“Not very good,” I replied after a brief moment of thought.  “28 is awfully close to 30.”

I was fine with 27.  Somehow, in my mind, 27 seemed like it would round down to 25.  28 clearly rounds up to the big 3-0.

27 was a great age.  In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  When I was 16, one of my teachers in high school told me that I was “16 going on 27.”  In a sense, I felt like I caught up with myself.

But I’m not quite ready to turn 30.  Good thing I have 2 more years to prepare.

Here’s to a fabulous 28!


~ by Serena on July 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “28!”

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. […] of highs and lows.  I spoke at retreats, worked out (perhaps obsessively), faced big decisions, turned 28, hosted Sojourn, cheered on the Colts, and spoiled my niece.  I delved into my past through […]

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