The Blog with Two Parts

MJFrom my cynical side…

I’m not sure if you have heard the news, so I want to make sure I mention it here so that everyone’s in the know. 

Michael Jackson died.

*rolling my eyes.  (In case you didn’t catch it, sarcasm is flowing as freely as the Nile.)

I understand he was an incredibly talented musician who had multiple hit songs.  But he was also a man accused of molestation who hung his child over the edge of a balcony.  He was born black, though he looked (due to a “skin disorder”) paler than me.  The dude was weird. 

And he’s dead.  Let’s move on…shall we?

From my emotional side…

As I watched part of the MJ Memorial Service, several (admittedly random) things came to mind… 

-Family and friends claimed that he’s “in a better place,” but do we know if the King of Pop had a relationship with the King of Kings?  Sure, he had religious roots, but that makes him a Christian about as much as my dad being a farmer makes me one.

-If Jesus had walked the earth today, how would the media have reacted to his crucifixion, burial, resurrection?  Would we have had a huge televised trial (similar to MJ’s) and a big hullabaloo Memorial service with primetime specials? 

-And it made me wonder, if I were to die today… who would come to my funeral and what would they say?  If you were to die today, who would come to your funeral and what would they say?

~ by Serena on July 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Blog with Two Parts”

  1. I would come, and here is what I’d say: “Well…I would say here lies my favorite fiery red headed ginger, BUT, we all know it’s more a shade of orange, so instead I shall say, here lies my favorite fruit juice head. She was near and dear to my heart, and I’m full of sorrow to see her part. But I know, she’s gone over the rainbow, to be with our King who makes our hearts sing. So though our hearts may be sad, we should also be oh so glad, for the life of our marvelous friend, has not truly come to an end. We love you SD, and no one will miss you quite like me.” Hopefully I don’t have to mutter those words through tear filled lips anytime soon.

  2. Oh, Johnny… I love you, man…and your rhyming skills. 🙂

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