Getting Dirty Again

wash meI hate making my bed.  Thankfully, my parents never made me do it…probably because my bedroom was in the upstairs corner of the house and no one ever saw it.

When I would spend weekends with my grandparents, Grams would force me to make my bed.  “It makes the whole room look nicer,” she argued.  It seemed like a waste of time, since I was just going to crawl back in it in a matter of hours.

Now, my form of “making the bed” includes me tossing the covers toward the head of the bed.   And that’s on a good day.  My logic remains the same: It’s just going to get messed up again.

I have the same philosophy with my car.  The closest thing I’ll get to washing it is when it rains.  Why spend the time and money?  It’s just going to get dirty again. 

I try to not apply the same logic when it comes to my spiritual life.  I could claim, “Why ask forgiveness if I’m just going to sin again?”  I undoubtedly will mess up again, yet I desperately needs God’s grace to cover my sin and wash me clean.

Thanks, God…  that You make us clean, even though we’re just going to get dirty again.


~ by Serena on June 30, 2009.

One Response to “Getting Dirty Again”

  1. 1. I totally agree with the bed thing, I don’t even tuck anything in. I just have two blankets, neither of which ever are straight.
    2. You’ll understand why washing your car is important in five years when you’ve already got rust corroding the underbody and metal panels.
    3. I’m right there with ya sister. Can get really hard sometimes.

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