Pizza Hut

pizza hutI was whistled at while at the salad bar at Pizza Hut a few weeks ago.

For some, this might be considered flattering.  For me, it’s somewhat offensive.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be noticed.  But I’d like to be noticed for my intelligence, my personality, my wit…  His little attention-getting act was based on nothing other than my physical appearance.  Frankly, I felt like a slice of pizza on the buffet. 

Guys, if you’re interested in a girl, we would MUCH rather you initiate conversation than merely beckoning our attention from a few yards away.  A brief conversation (even over a salad bar) might clue you in as to whether we’d even be compatible.  If you’re a whistler, you’re taking the easy way out.

And so instead of being flattered over my lunch hour, I was disappointed at the man’s shallow attempts at being recognized ­– and that he didn’t care to get to know me for me.  Good riddance.

~ by Serena on June 18, 2009.

5 Responses to “Pizza Hut”

  1. oh that irritates me too!

  2. want that I kill him?

  3. whistling is one thing, but a wink is a different story. you should have taken Nolan up on his offer.

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