Bad Drivers

speed limitI’m easily annoyed by bad drivers.

Not signaling before you turn is annoying.  It’s the flick of a switch.  Is it really that hard to do? 

Not letting me pass you when I’m trying to is an easy way to get my blood boiling.  If I rapidly approached you in the left lane, and you then speed up, you need to check your pride.  Seriously.

Not driving the speed limit is just as dangerous as exceeding it, in my opinion.  I WILL pass you… if you let me.

Not letting me merge into your lane when my lane is ending is just plain rude.  Get over!

C’mon, people!  Work with me here! 

What do bad drivers do to annoy you?


~ by Serena on June 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Bad Drivers”

  1. roundabouts have YIELD signs…not stop signs, people!!!! If there’s no traffic at the roundabout, please don’t slam on your brakes!

  2. Serena, this post made me laugh-thanks for that this morning!

  3. […] you haven’t figured that out from my other blogs that have referenced this – here, here, here , and here if you’re curious.)  I hate it that people regularly cut me off, run red lights, and […]

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