Hunter the Punter

HunterI was greatly saddened when I heard that Colts player Hunter Smith signed with the Washington Redskins recently.

I met Hunter and his wife at their home in Zionsville a few year ago.  I was the Editor at Taylor, Jennifer’s alma mater, so I was privileged to interview them for our alumni magazine.  Both were incredibly gracious people.  Their love for the Lord was evident as they spoke of serving Him and feeling blessed to be part of such a wonderful NFL team that was centered around Christ.

Hunter lets Christ’s light shine on and off the field, as he and a fellow musician friend started Connersvine, a contemporary Christian band that has released an album and done pretty well for themselves.

An avid Colts fan, I watched all the games and cheered for Hunter every time he walked onto the field – and usually said a quick prayer for his safety.   I’ll certainly miss seeing him in his #17 blue and white jersey, but I have no doubt that God will continue to bless and use him in Washington. 

Good luck, Hunter!

~ by Serena on June 4, 2009.

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