A Night of Gratitude


God totally blessed my socks off recently.  I was given two tickets to the Steven Curtis Chapman/Michael W. Smith concert at the Murat.  Free tickets!  Thanks, God…

As I was picking up the tickets at Will Call, I ran into one of my dear, old co-worker friends from Taylor.  We squealed as we hugged each other in delight.  It was a beautiful reminder of rich relationships that stand the test of time.  Thanks, God…

My friend and I found our seats in the theater.  The lights dimmed for the concert to start, and Oh, Joy!  There was no one sitting in the seats in front of us.  You have to understand my plight as a short person.  Tall people ALWAYS sit in front of me.  Always.  So I usually end up switching seats so that I’m not staring at the back of a tall person’s head all night.  Not tonight.  What a blessing!  Thanks, God…

We began with worship.  How neat to be led by such acclaimed musicians.  It was humbling to stand in a room packed with other Christians and praise our Jesus together.  In between songs, I glanced across the aisle and recognized an elder from my church.  It was a subtle reminder of how He has blessed me with a job surrounded by other believers where I can use my gifts and talents to tangibly serve Him.  Thanks, God…

Steven Curtis Chapman took the stage for his portion.  He spoke openly about “the events of May 21,”  the day their son accidentally struck and killed their 5-year-old daughter, Maria.  He shared his heart about this struggle and yet the hope they have that they will see her again some day.  He shared his passion for orphans and how they have opened a hospital in Luoyang, China, in Maria’s memory.  Thanks, God… that her life is continuing to touch others.

Michael W. Smith took the stage after intermission.  My favorite of all his music is the symphony he wrote for his album, FreedomThere’s no way I’ll hear any of it tonight, I thought.  After all, he didn’t have an orchestra at his disposal.  I was OVERJOYED that he played my favorite song from the album on the piano!  Thanks, God…

Overall, it was a glorious night of gratitude.  Thanks, God…


~ by Serena on June 1, 2009.

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