RunAs a “reward” for training so hard for my half-marathon the last 6 months, I gave myself last week off.  No running.  No lifting.  No working out.

The first few days, I greatly enjoyed it.  My muscles were still aching from 13.1 miles, so the last thing I wanted to do was strain them. 

But the novelty wore off, and I quickly grew bored.  I felt lost.  I would come home from work and literally not know what to do.  I actually said to a friend, “I almost feel like I’ve lost my purpose for living.”

While that’s somewhat of an exaggeration, it holds a lot of truth.  Training dictated my schedule.  Without that invading my life, I suddenly seemingly didn’t have much left. 

I invested countless hours in that gym.  All for what?  To say I ran a race in a certain time.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad I trained as hard as I did.  I’d do it again.  (And probably will next year.)  But I’ve felt a little convicted lately.  What if I would have put the same amount of time and energy into God’s purposes – praying, reading the Bible, or serving Him?  I’m guessing it would have jumpstarted my spiritual life…and been a more fulfilling investment in the end.   

What activities do you invest a lot of time in?


~ by Serena on May 29, 2009.

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