VisaI received a call last week from my insurance company informing me that they could not process my payment because my credit card was declined.  Declined?  That’s impossible.  I always pay my bill on time, and there was no way I was over my limit.

After I paid the bill through another means, I called my credit card company to get the scoop.  I was informed that they froze my account due to speculated fraudulent charges. 

Did you spend $95 on itunes, Ms. Duke?  No.

How about $19 at  Never heard of it.

Last week, did you spend $23 twice in one day at …?  *sigh That’s a negative.

The list went on.  They (whoever stole it) had apparently been using the number for over a month before it was “flagged.”  I’ve since learned that credit card perpetrators will often purchase several small items to make sure the number is valid.  If those transactions go through, they will then sell the card number to another party, who will then usually purchase thousands of dollars with it.

Thankfully, Chase caught my irregular activity on the card, and once I fill out the proper fraud paperwork, they will credit my account and eat the loss.

Thanks, Chase!


~ by Serena on May 27, 2009.

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