LemishineI’ve battled my circa 1985 dishwasher in my apartment for three years now.

It’s more than just calcium deposits from having hard water.  Quite simply, it doesn’t get my dishes clean. 

I’ve put in several maintenance requests over the years.  In response, I’ve been told to rinse my dishes better, use liquid detergent (not powder), tryJetDry, place my utensils right side up.  I’ve heeded all their directions.  The pipes have been flushed.  Parts have been replaced.  But for the life of me, I still could not get clean dishes out of it.

I finally marched into our apartment manager’s office with dirty dishes (which had been through the dishwasher) in hand.  I was stern in my request and demanded a new or fixed dishwasher…since I pay for one that works.  (This was soooo out of my comfort zone.  Middle child me prefers peace, but after three years of fighting a losing battle with my non-effective appliance, I guess I was finally ready to stand up for myself.) 

I was reassured that a maintenance man would be at my apartment within 24 hours.  I hadn’t been home more than 5 minutes when one knocked on my door.  After examining the machine, he reassured me that he had the answer:  LemiShine.  It’s a cleaning agent that can be found at the grocery store.

I was skeptical.  I thanked him for his time and assured him that if it didn’t work, he would be hearing from me again. 

The next day I bought some LemiShine, ran it through the dishwasher, and voila!  I had clean(er) dishes.  They’re not perfectly clean, but they are miles ahead of where they were before.

And, to think, all it took was LemiShine.


~ by Serena on May 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “LemiShine”

  1. So remind me not to eat of dishes in your apartment, i think eating out will just have to do…

  2. Nah… we’ll cook. Then I’ll have you wash the utensils by hand. 🙂

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