Mother’s Day

child-paintingSunday is a day that we set aside annually to honor our Moms.

Technically, most any female can be a mom.  But not every mom mothers.  To mother is to nurture, to train, to educate, to rear.  To be a nurse, bandaging wounds.  To be a chauffeur, taxiing to and from practices.  To be a cook, preparing meals.  To be a maid, doing laundry and cleaning.  To be a cheerleader, attending games.  To be a teacher, answering questions. 

I’ve never been a mom (other than mothering to two adorable cats), but I’m in-tune enough to recognize that it’s no small task.  It begins with the pains of pregnancy and childbirth.  From there, I have heard it said that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside of your body.  Then come the hormonal teenage years.  (We all know how difficult those can be.)

Even though a child may be an adult, a mom will always be a mom.  I watched my Great Grandma Binkerd mother my Grams, who was well in her 60s.  And my Grams mothers my Mom to this day.  And my Mom still mothers me, even at 27. 

Thanks, Mom … not just for being my Mom but for mothering me.  Happy Mother’s Day!  I love you!


~ by Serena on May 8, 2009.

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