Slowing Down

slowI was cruising South on I-69 a few weeks ago when traffic came to a dead stop.  Over the next 2 hours, I moved probably 50 feet.

I was stuck.  There was a semi in front of me and cars to my left and rear.  To my right was a ditch.  There was nowhere to go… and so I sat.

I made the most of my time.  I prayed; called a friend; messed on my laptop.  I opened my sunroof and stared at the stars.  For the most part, it was a break from the usual busy-ness of life.  I stopped (literally) for 2 hours.  Sure, I was ready to be home, especially after 10:30 p.m., but for the most part I was at peace. 

My fellow traffic jammers were not so restful.  One old lady got out of her car every few minutes to walk around.  Others took smoke breaks.  Still more paced.  One man “relieved” himself on the side of the road.

Initially, I was unsure of the cause of the traffic jam, but I assumed it had to be pretty bad to halt traffic on the interstate for 2 hours.  When we finally started moving, I discovered that it was a horrific accident involving a semi and a car.  Both vehicles were so badly mangled that it would have been a miracle if anyone survived.  I was less than a mile from the crash.

That night, God gave me a gift.  He gave me 2 hours…To slow down.  To stare at His creation.  To be grateful for His protection.  To realize how precious life is and how easily it can be taken away. 

Had I not encountered the accident, I probably would have breezed home, ignoring the stars, taking His provision for granted.

Thanks, God, for slowing me down…even if it sometimes takes a traffic jam to do so.


~ by Serena on April 30, 2009.

One Response to “Slowing Down”

  1. i’ll make sure to be more private about where I relieve myself haha

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