Things I Want To Do Before I Die

paintI’m a goal-oriented person and make lots of lists (see “To Do” blog).  The following are a few things that are on my “Things I Want To Do Before I Die” list.

Learn ballroom dancing – It’s an exquisite art that I’d love to learn some day when/if I have a husband.  It’s something fun we could do together as we step on each other’s feet. 🙂

Run the Mini – This is an ongoing goal I’d like to keep doing until I die.  I attempted it first in 2007 but didn’t train well and ended up walking for several miles.  In 2008, I ran the whole way and beat my target time by 15 minutes (in addition to seeing my ex-husband for the first time since the divorce. It was a monumental day!)  I will be running it again in a few weeks, hoping to improve my time again.

Learn sign language – I tried this venture a few years ago by taking classes once a week.  I loved learning this beautiful language and interacting with the deaf.  Unfortunately, once I finished the class, I quickly forgot most of what I learned since I didn’t use it regularly.  Maybe I’ll pick it up again some day if God brings a deaf person into my life.

Write a book – I have at least started this undertaking.  Who knows if I’ll finish it – or ever get it published – but I at least have a few chapters written.

Learn to paint – I’ve always had an artistic side, so this is something I hope to enjoy when I’m too old to be active. 🙂

Have a family – I realize this goes against the 10,000 times I’ve declared (usually after a child is throwing a temper tantrum in a resturant), “I’m not having kids!”  But reality is that in the depths of my heart, some day I would love the opportunity to have a healthy, happy marriage and raise some little disciples of our own.

What do you want to do/accomplish before you die?


~ by Serena on April 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “Things I Want To Do Before I Die”

  1. Sounds like your “Bucket List”. You really should watch that movie.

  2. Good review of “Bucket List” I should have included.

  3. Great movie!

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