Sojourn Saga

fire-alarmIt has become a joke amongst my co-workers that every time I host Sojourn, something goes terribly wrong.  And it’s true.

Most times, whatever goes wrong is completely out of my control.  Sometimes a video won’t play.  Sometimes a video will play without audio.  Sometimes my microphone won’t work.  Sometimes our live feed from gracemain isn’t timed perfectly, so I’m left to stall.  In January, our senior pastor mistook me for a married person.  It’s always something. 

My last weekend hosting was no exception. 

I was especially nervous going in. Our senior pastor was preaching live (I specifically asked him not to bring up my marital status 🙂), and my parents were visiting.  We were about ¾ of the way through the service, when I thought, Wow, this is going really well.  I might actually make it through without anything going wrong!

No such luck. 

Just a few minutes later, in the middle of an especially moving moment, we were disrupted by a piercing buzzing sound.  The fire alarm was going off.

We were half-evacuating, half-standing-around-in-shock-and-not-knowing-what-to-do when we received word that it was a false alarm; it was apparently pulled by a toddler.

Maybe God’s trying to keep me humble.  Maybe Satan likes to work through technology – and toddlers.  Maybe I just have bad luck. 

Regardless, my Sojourn saga continues…


~ by Serena on April 9, 2009.

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