“My chains are gone…”

shacklesI had a date with God on Friday.

It wasn’t something I originally planned.  A friend called on Thursday night to say that she was given two tickets to see Chris Tomlin on Friday and wondered if I would be interested in going with her. 

Interested?  Three of my other friends mentioned that they were going earlier in the week, and I quietly coveted their tickets.  Of course I was interested! 

It’s a rare occurrence that I have a Friday night free.  I manage to keep a full social calendar most of the time, but I’ve made a conscious effort recently to make space in my schedule, mostly for God.  Even though it was my friend who called and asked, it was God who was beckoning me.

And beckon me, He did!  Not only were our tickets free (!), they were VIP.  (I’ve never been considered a VIP … ever!)  My friend and I got to wear neon green plastic bracelets that granted us free parking in a garage attached to Conseco and refreshments on the Pacers practice court prior to the concert. 

Short of being given access backstage or meeting Chris Tomlin, I don’t think I could have felt more honored. 

The concert was incredible!  I stood among thousands of other believers, singing and worshiping God.  Hands were raised.  Knees were bowed.  Hearts were softened.

As Tomlin sang Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone), “These chains are gone, I’ve been set free,” something happened.  God whispered, “Run free.”

He was gently reminding me of a Faith Quest experience I had over a year ago.  I was in the chapel, and I saw a vision.  In my mind, I stood with shackles on my hands and feet that bound me with long chains to a brick wall on three sides. 

I prayed, “Lord, break the chains.”  Immediately, links in each of my chains disappeared.  I took a few steps forward, away from the walls, but I struggled to pull the weight of all that dragged behind.

I then felt like the Lord said, “I’m going to remove the shackles, and you run free.” 

I sobbed. 

It was a perfect illustration of my life.  Though I was technically “free” from an abusive past, I dragged the weight of it with me, wherever I went.  That November 2007 night, God told me to drop the chains and run free from all that hinders me.

Over one year later, God invited me into His presence at a Chris Tomlin concert and reminded me of His command.  I’m still trying to do what He has instructed.  Admittedly, all too often, I try to pick up those shackles again, though “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free.”


~ by Serena on April 2, 2009.

2 Responses to ““My chains are gone…””

  1. What an amazing story Serena, I am so glad you were able to go and God moved like that! Praise him!

  2. […] and spoiled my niece.  I delved into my past through counseling, dropping chains and learning to run free.  Though it all, God was faithful.  I’m excited to see all that He has for me in […]

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