red-hairI have a lot of hair.  Thick, long, red hair. 

Sometimes my thick, long, red hair likes to fall out.  Everywhere.

It hangs on my coat.  It covers my chair at work.  It’s all over my car.  You could probably gather enough from my shower drain to make a wig for a small child.

I like to think of it as leaving fun little reminders of me for people to find. 🙂

Let’s just say it:  I shed.  A lot. 

I don’t mean to.  It just happens. 

Growing up, Mom used to give me a hard time because my hair would get wrapped around the vacuum roller so badly that she would have to cut it out.  Now I have that problem, only the red hair is mixed in with grey hair from my cats.  I’ve made it a personal goal to vacuum at least once a week so that my apartment doesn’t become a hair hole.  (Unfortunately, I miss the mark most of the time.)

Luke 12:7 says, “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”  I hope God doesn’t mind re-counting every now and then because my number fluctuates frequently. 🙂 


~ by Serena on March 5, 2009.

7 Responses to “Hair”

  1. Everyone sing with me!

    “Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair
    Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen
    Give me down to there, hair!
    Shoulder length, longer (hair!)
    Here baby, there mama, Everywhere daddy daddy

    Hair! (hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair)
    Flow it, Show it;
    Long as God can grow it, My Hair!”

  2. Ummm… is that a real song?

  3. I knew he’d quote that – it’s from the Broadway musical “Hair” – haven’t seen it, and if you read about it, you’ll see why. 😉

  4. I’ve seen Hairspray the musical – not Hair…

  5. Ok Na, I was reading the post way too fast and didn’t catch the part about the gray hair being from your cats. I was worried this was going to be a cry against growing older (which is okay…I guess). Anyway, I just wanted to say that you have lovely hair and I’m glad it isn’t going gray.

  6. I’ve found a few of your hairs in my office and I think to myself, “how did those get there?” Ha ha!

  7. Wow, I could have written this post, and probably have written one similar.

    My hair too is very thick, red, and I’m constantly losing it. I worry all the time when I cook that some of it will make its way into the food (and it often does, sad to say.)

    I cut three inches off my hair the other day, and spent at least a half an hour thinning it….no one even noticed, if that tells you anything!

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