Looking at the Ocean

ocean1Do you think the world is filled with more bad or good?  My trainer asked me recently. 

Bad, I declared after a brief moment of thought. 

He wanted my reasoning. 

Well, you can’t watch the news without seeing murders, rapes, and robberies, I said.  Even my own life experience doesn’t bode well for the world’s goodness.  I married a man that I loved only for him to become abusive.  I was mugged on my doorstep.  More recently, I was the victim of two hit-and-runs and an egging on my car within a matter of weeks. 

You need to look at the ocean, he replied.


My trainer lived in the Virgin Islands for several years.  After a while, I grew tired of constantly being sweaty and dirty, he said. There’s no formalized trash collection system there, so people toss their garbage everywhere.  People abandon broken down cars on the side of the road. It can be a dirty, nasty place to be.  There were times I had to consciously remind myself to look at the ocean.  It was so easy to be overcome by the bad that I would forget to take in some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the world.  

He’s right.  It’s all about perspective. 

Instead of complaining that my salary was reduced, I should be grateful that I have steady income.  Instead of threatening to move South because of frigid winter weather, perhaps I should be thankful that I have a coat to keep me warm.  Instead of being frustrated that my car has been scratched in my recent ‘incidences,’ I should be elated that it still runs and that the damage wasn’t any worse. 

Have you looked at the ocean lately? 


~ by Serena on March 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Looking at the Ocean”

  1. wow, good perspective Serena!

  2. Especially when you realize that over 70% of the earth is covered by oceans. Lot of pristine God’s creation out there.

  3. What is it about water that’s so peaceful & relaxing? I love it! John McLaughlin is one of my new favorite singers. Lyrics of his song Indiana says, “I’m glad I never lived next to the water, so I could never get used to the beach.” Interesting perspective.

  4. Water is calming and cleansing yet constantly moving, yet the ocean will sometimes bring a hurricane which blows you out of your complacency. Everything changes.

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