Fun Facts

pianoThat’s fun fact #27 about me!  I said to a friend recently, after spouting off some random quirk I possess.  It got me thinking…

Here are the Top 10 Fun Facts about Serena (in no particular order):


 1.     My second toes are longer than my first. Everyone in my immediate family has this lovely trait, so I never thought much of it.  I was at a wedding a few years ago when a man leaned over and whispered, “I didn’t know you were an alien” (referring to my exposed toes).  No kidding.  According to Wikipedia, only 10% of the population has this trait – and it has been associated with royalty in Egypt.  I much prefer that to aliens. J

2.     I can’t have carbonation.  I have a sensitive colon (IBS) that can’t tolerate the bubbles.  This accounts for my addiction to sweet tea (caffeine).

3.     I prefer squares to circles.  It’s true.  Whether it’s diamonds or tail lights on a car, I consistently prefer squares.  Period.

4.     I hate lima beans.  I’ve hated them since I was a little girl.  Over Christmas I picked out the lima beans from the other vegetables on my plate, and my dad joked, “Serena, you forgot to eat your lima beans!”  Yuck.

5.     I can’t swim.  I grew up in landlocked Indiana.  I took a week of swimming lessons in 3rd grade, but it never stuck since I never swam.  No practice makes me forget, apparently.

6.     My bellybutton is pierced.  This was a fun, rebellious act I did as a freshman in college, much to the chagrin of my parents.  I still have it and think it’s cute, despite the fact that very few people have ever seen it.

7.     I’ve met Peyton Manning.  I got to celebrate a win with the Colts after a game in 2006 (the season they won the Superbowl).  Peyton sat at the bar watching game highlights.  Reggie Wayne played pool.  Dallas Clark sang karaoke.  Marvin Harrison sat alone in the corner (not surprisingly).  I was perhaps most impressed with Adam Vinatieri, who was incredibly humble, even after kicking the game-winning field goal.  I was surrounded by big men; I’ve never felt so small in my entire life. J   

8.     Salad is my favorite food.  If you’ve gone to lunch with me, you probably know this.  People give me a hard time because they often think I’m trying to be healthy.  Nope…I just love salads!

9.     I play the piano.  I took 7 looooooong years of lessons growing up.  I don’t play much anymore, but I used to enjoy it as an emotional outlet.

10.  I have a phobia of funeral homes.  They’re creepy, and I had a bad experience in one as a child.  I avoid them at all costs.  I hate them more than lima beans, and that’s saying something.

Did you know any/all of the above?  Anything surprise you?



~ by Serena on March 2, 2009.

11 Responses to “Fun Facts”

  1. I didn’t know any of them, but I also have a longer second toe. I had no idea it was connected to royalty in Egypt, and I rather like that idea. Perhaps that is also where my love of cats comes from?

    #2–it’s not that I can’t have carbonation, but I just do not like it at all. Supposedly some soda came out my nose once when I was really little and I haven’t drank it since.

    #6 was the mostly surprising one, and something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never have.

  2. #6… do it! Just take someone to hold your hand, cause it hurts. 🙂

  3. I wonder if it hurts more or less than a tattoo..

  4. #5. I had no idea you cannot swim! This seems nuts to me since I live in FL which is surrounded by water and we swim year round. I cannot even inagine not knowing how to swim…wow.
    #8. I love salads too, all the time.

  5. I knew all of those about you, but I suppose I’m supposed to since I’m your sister! Good seeing you this weekend. Love you!

  6. Ha ha! I haven’t made fun of you for eating salads in a while… hmmm, when are we going out to lunch so I can continue this tradition?

    I understand what you’re saying about the piano being an emotional outlet. I’m not great, but I just enjoy playing, it’s so relaxing!

    And as for the funeral homes thing… maybe it’ll get better in time. 🙂

  7. I knew all of them 🙂

  8. #10. i will not even touch a cassket. no way not ever sorry family i will wave to you from a distance. there was even a time at the church were they were bring up the body/cassket and needed help. told them sorry not able to help and they made a 70’s man help. no regrets.

  9. LOL… I’ve told my family not to expect me to visit their cemetery sites (why?). Instead, I’ll wave as I drive by on the road. 🙂

  10. Wanted to let you know – I have that longer toe also, and I passed that trait on to at least one of our daughters. I hadn’t seen it as unusual until my husband informed me how weird this was… ah, well. I also find that if the toes of my socks wear out, this is where. nice to know I’m not alone here! (I also can’t stand lima beans!)

  11. I pierced my belly button in college too, well my room mate did it 😦 VERY MUCH TO MY PARENTS CHAGRIN :)!!!! And, it got infected and I took it out. Maybe once my belly is cute again, I’ll do it the right way 🙂 I love that!!!!

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