Cool People

brethren-retreat-picThis past weekend I was the keynote speaker for a Junior and Senior High Winter Retreat in Shipshewana, Indiana.  I thought that I would simply go up there, speak to the kids, and come home, un-phased.  But I’m pretty sure that I got more out of it than anyone else there.  (Stay tuned for more details in upcoming blogs.)

Most prominent in my mind is that there are some pretty awesome Brethrens out there:

Jeremy is the most musically passionate person I’ve ever met.  He and his ADD entertained me most of the weekend.

Chris quietly adores the kids in his youth group.  (The admiration goes both ways.) 

John (my Faith Quest friend and blog encourager) is one of the most witty people I’ve ever met. 

Kim is John’s better half.  Christ’s love radiates from her gentle spirit and constant smile.

-I didn’t get to spend much time with Erika because she was in charge of the weekend.  I was most impressed that she remained cool, calm, and collected, even when 6 inches of snow thwarted some of our plans.

Ryan is an extroverted, zany youth pastor.  Sarcasm exudes him. 

– I loved Caleb’s crazy phrases.  My favorite: “How about them apples?  There you go.  There’s a little fun fact for you.  Take that home and chew on it.  It’s delicious!”

Nate is the most mature, insightful, God-fearing 26-year-old I know.  He has the innate ability to read me insanely well.

Thanks, God, for introducing me to such cool new people who love You.  Bless each of them and their incredible ministries.


~ by Serena on February 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Cool People”

  1. Well i have to say that you are not alone in your walking away with more than you thought. I concider myself Blessed to know you and glad that we keep in contact. I will be sure to keep you up dated on my latest phrases, and you can count on me telling you my story, and who knows maybe you will be able to use it in one of your lessons

  2. it was a great weekend. thanks for sharing your storyline.

  3. Serena, I think that I can speak for many when I say “Thank You” for allowing God to speak through you! You touched many and stirred a lot of hearts and minds! I appreciate your willingness to be used! Although I still am amazed that you thought you would go home un-phased by the weekend….don’t you remember how LITTLE sleep teenagers need? Oh, man! I was whipped! I’m glad God introduced me to such a cool person as you!!!!

  4. Oops! The previous reply is from me…Kim, using John’s computer!

  5. I love all you guys… you’re too awesome! 🙂

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