ranaserenaI met Rana a few years ago through Grace.  She was a design volunteer, so I had the privilege of managing her projects.  We hit it off right away and started doing coffees and lunches.  Most recently, we met to discuss book ideas since we’re both aspiring authors.

I don’t make close friends quickly.  So when I finally become comfortable with someone and open up, they’re in my inner circle.  Rana has made it to that esteemed place.  I’ve babysat her kids.  We’ve shared laughter, tears, clothes (!), and encouragement along life’s journeys.

Rana and her husband are moving to Nashville, Tennessee.  While I’m thrilled for them and the opportunities it brings, I’m selfishly sad and feel like I’m losing a friend.  I’m sure we’ll keep in touch, especially with the ease of technology these days, but it admittedly won’t be the same.

Love ya, Rana!  I hope you’re buying a big house in Nashville, cause I’m coming to visit! J    


~ by Serena on February 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Rana”

  1. First, about your “Blonde” post. When I lived in CT, my best friend in high school had red hair. Same when I lived in NM. After you moved away from Upland, I realized, “shoot, Serena had red hair. Maybe we were supposed to have become good friends.” But I think it probably had to do with the short length of time we were both there, and with this: “I don’t make close friends quickly. So when I finally become comfortable with someone and open up, they’re in my inner circle.” because I am just like that too!

  2. Girl, you can bet we will have room for you!!!!Love ya bunches 🙂

  3. […] This past weekend, I visited my friend Rana who moved to Nashville with her family last year.  When I checked the weather, it said, […]

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