Highway Hell

red-carI saw Satan driving South on Highway 31 near Kokomo a few months ago. 

It’s somewhat fitting that he would show up in my path since I just had an amazing day with the Lord. 

The morning started at Epworth Forest, one of my favorite places in the world.  I attended church camp there in high school, so I have many cherished memories of making new friends and re-dedicating my life to Him.  When I was 16, I attended Faith Quest, an awesome retreat weekend for youth that’s held there.  I’ve had so many “God moments” in that place that I feel closer to Him by just driving onto the campus.

I had just finished a Faith Quest team meeting, where I gave a practice talk for a speech I was giving on being single.  I was overwhelmed with my teammates’ positive feedback.  I felt so affirmed for a talk that I was very un-confident in giving.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day so I took a detour to the lake on my way home.  I sat down by the beach and prayed.  I read the Bible.  I enjoyed the gentle breeze as I rested in God’s creation.  Ahh…a few moments of peace…

Normally, I would head home via Highway 13, but I stopped to visit my parents in Wabash.  After an encouraging time of sharing, I drove back to Fishers via Highway 31. 

I was chatting away on my cell phone (I know, I know…) with my car on cruise.  I came up on a red car and got in the lefthand lane.  At the rate I approached it, I should have passed it rather easily.  But the car sped up.  Then it slowed down. 

At this point, I was still mid-conversation and couldn’t have even told you if it was a male or female driving the car, just that the driver was pushing my buttons!  (It’s a personal pet peeve for a car to speed up when I’m trying to pass it.)

I finally floored it – to get ahead of the car and end our little game.  I finished my conversation and tossed my phone into the passenger seat.  As I cruised back into the right lane, I could not believe what I saw in my rearview mirror! 

The driver of the red car could now be identified as a 30-40-year-old male who was making an incredibly offensive gesture.  I glanced around, confident that it couldn’t have been directed it at me.  But I was the only car for miles.  It was intended for me.

Next, the maniac driver sped up and got in the left lane to pass me.  I gripped the steering wheel with both hands and thought, Don’t look at him!  My eyes stared straight ahead, but when the car reached a certain point, I could see him out of my peripheral vision.  This time, he was completely turned around between the seats (though he was still operating a fast-moving vehicle), wagging his tongue at me.

He cut me off as he returned to the right lane.  I slowed down, hoping to get away from the creep but not before he made yet another disgusting gesture.  (Sidenote:  I’ve been flipped off.  I’ve had a fist or two pumped at me from time to time, but trust me, I have NEVER seen these sexually distasteful gestures while driving.  Ever.)

I slammed on my brakes.  My heart was racing.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to scream.  I felt like I had just been sexually harassed while driving down the highway.

I was still shaking when I drove into my apartment complex.  My solution?  A warm bubble bath.

I re-played what happened over and over.  I couldn’t get his face out of my mind.  Why would someone do something so profane?  I started to pray for the highway hellion, and my anger quickly turned to compassion.  How ugly must he be on the inside that he would do something so disgusting to a complete stranger? 

As I decompressed the situation with a trusted friend later, he said, “Don’t you get it?  That was Satan.”  Huh?  “It was Satan.  You just told me what an amazing day you had with God.  I’m not surprised one bit he wanted to distract you.”

Distract me, he did.  But not enough to deter me from serving God, even when I run into the devil himself driving a red car down the highway.


~ by Serena on February 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Highway Hell”

  1. it is amazing how Satan knows just when to attack us!

  2. I hurt for and with you reading this…similar things have happened to me, and it creates an unbearably hot, burning ball of shame deep inside me…I never really understood why until reading your blog and you explain it perfectly. Plus the part I think makes me so angry is that the creep always gets away…no one else sees it and they get away…makes me re-live all the other times you were hurt like that up close and in the flesh. I’ve been under major attack lately…and it is right on the heels of feeling extraordinarily close to God. Yuk.

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