dollI used to covet other girls’ hair.

More than anything in elementary school, I just wanted to fit in, to not stand out in my class because of my hair color, to not be called hurtful names like “Carrot top” and “Fireball head.” 

I didn’t gain an appreciation for my natural color until high school, when I noticed that other girls were trying to dye their hair red, but it usually turned out deep purple. 

Truth be told, I still have days when I wish I was a blonde.  I don’t mean physically; I’m referring to their ditziness.

Blondes are (stereotypically) clueless.  They’re the butt of many jokes because they’re naive and don’t have a care in the world.

My reality is that I’m a redhead, and I have a lot of cares in the world.  I can’t go through life without caring.  It’s not my nature.

I’m deep.  I process things and over-analyze perhaps more than I should.  I mull things over and over (ad nauseum) in my brain.  Sometimes I wish I could just turn it off. 

So when life gets overwhelming and the cares of this world are weighing on me, I try to pray.  But, admittedly, it’s usually after I’ve talked to 5 friends about it, journaled, cried, and come to a place of absolute desperation.  When I know that’s the best and obvious solution, why is it often my last resort? 

Maybe it would be easier if I just dyed my hair blonde. J

Cast your cares on the Lord, and He will sustain you.” -Psalm 55:22


~ by Serena on February 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Blonde”

  1. Serena, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us here – I am loving reading your thought-provoking ponderings. (Growing up, I wanted straight blonde hair… I’ve come to like the brunette naturally curly mop, but there are days that I’m sure I must have “blonde roots”.)

  2. Thanks, Angie. Do you think blondes ever wish they were brunettes or redheads? Hmmm…

  3. Why don’t all women just dye their hair green, because that is the color on the other side of the fence they are searching for. 😉

    I find the color of a woman’s inner self more beautiful than any color she chooses on the outside. You and my wife both radiate an inner beauty in the words you write within your blogs and in the lives you choose to live.

  4. Awww… Thanks, T.R. 🙂

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