Abraham Lincoln

abraham-lincolnI’ve always admired Abraham Lincoln. 

He seemed like a common guy.  He was born in Kentucky; he wrote once that he spent most of his childhood “swinging an ax.”  He was raised in a Baptist Church.  It all seems ordinary for a guy whose face now appears on the penny, the five dollar bill, and Mount Rushmore.

He lost his first election when he ran for the Illinois Legislature with the Whig party, but he didn’t give up.  With much persistence, he became a lawyer and was later elected to Congress, the House of Representatives, and eventually 16th President of the United States.

It was during his 4 years in office that he presented the Gettysburg Address.  He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.  He abolished slavery.  Even for a President, that’s a lot to accomplish.  I can’t imagine how much more he could have achieved had he not been assassinated.

Happy Birthday, Abe!


~ by Serena on February 12, 2009.

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  1. I thought you would find the following item of interest:

    The Florida Whig Party (FWP) is a political party in the State of Florida with ballot access since 2007. Florida is the first state with a Whig Party with ballot access since the 1800s. While there have been occasional candidates who have sought local, state, and federal office as Whigs from time-to-time, Florida remains the only state with an offical Whig Party as of November 2009. The Florida Whig Party is also the first Whig state political party to run candidates for federal office since the 1800s. Paul McKain was the first announced Whig candidate for federal office, followed then by a joint announcment by John Annarumma and Clayton Schock.

    The Party is expanding methodically across the State of Florida. The first online national meeting for all Whig clubs and development organizations was hosted by the FWP in early 2009 and attended by nearly 1,000 individuals from almost every state in the union and several overseas.

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