weightsIt has been suggested that perhaps I’ve become obsessed with something other than shoes… exercising. 

I joined my gym in November, hoping to improve my discipline in working out more regularly and start early training for the Mini-Marathon.  I’ve accomplished both of these goals, but perhaps to an extreme.

Chances are, if I’m not at work or home, I can be found at the gym, where the staff knows me by name. 

Last week I was at the gym 6 out of 7 days – running, lifting, or doing a combination of the two.  My trainer has put me on a routine workout plan.  And since I’m one to follow directions, I stick to the schedule. 

It has become a hobby.  A pastime.  A stress reliever that I look forward to each day. 

I also justify it by claiming that I’m trying to be healthy.  And I’m certainly seeing results.  I’ve lost some weight, lessened my body fat percentage, and dropped a pants size.  I’ve also increased the pace of my slow runs by one more mile per hour.

But at what cost?  My agenda seems to revolve around the gym.  My family and friends have to schedule time to talk to me.  I’ve actually had some phone conversations recently while on the treadmill, but how attentive can I be when I’m panting and pouring sweat? 

Am I obsessed?  I don’t know.  But I’m thinking of changing my voicemail to, “Hi, it’s Serena.  I’m probably shoe shopping – or working out at the gym – so leave me a message, and I’ll call you back.”

What do you think… am I obsessed?


~ by Serena on February 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “Obsessed?”

  1. Obsessed or not, its a great habit to have. I wish I was obsessed with working out 🙂 You go girl!

  2. Does it come before God? The answer to that question will always allow you to know the truth.

    You reading any of those books I’ve recommended? My challenge to you my friend.
    Love ya.

  3. Are you feeling guilty? I think that would be a precursor to obsession…

  4. Hey Na, you could do the Muncie triathlon with me this year. You already rock at the running part. I don’t know about obsession or not, but working out is a great time to pray. And, who knows, a few more months and you could pump up like Nick Rush!!

  5. You are obsessed, ha ha! I wish I had some of your passion for the gym. Fortunately my pants still fit and actually feel a little loose, so I must be doing something right. 🙂

  6. You aren’t obsessed. You are dedicated and working towards a goal. I ran 7 days a week during track season 🙂 It’s a good thing.

  7. No triathalons for me, thanks. And I’ve got about 300 pounds to go before I’m even close to Nick. I think I’m going to start calling him Goliath.

  8. […] 2009 was a year of highs and lows.  I spoke at retreats, worked out (perhaps obsessively), faced big decisions, turned 28, hosted Sojourn, cheered on the Colts, and […]

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