credit-cardsI was cleaning my apartment recently and found a shoebox of old bills from 2005.  Realizing they probably should be shredded, not just thrown away, I received permission to use our work shredder.

For about 30 minutes, I fed the machine.  Gone were payment stubs from a car that I gladly got rid of in 2007.  Gone was the lease from my apartment in Upland.  Gone were credit card bills, evidence of shopping therapy after my divorce.  Gone were reminders of a period that seems like a lifetime ago (yet only 4 years in reality).

With my shoebox empty, I felt free, like a weight had been lifted.  Maybe it was a feeling of relief, since I love getting rid of useless things.  Maybe it was liberation that such a painful time in my life is over.  Or maybe it was as if my slate had been wiped clean.  The past was gone.

Isn’t it awesome to know that we have the same freedom in Christ once He washes away our sins?  Our sins are gone, to be thought of no more.  In a world of revenge and keeping grudges, it’s hard to imagine that our iniquities could be gone forever.  But that’s just what they are, just like my shoebox of bills.  Amen!

“I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.” –Isaiah 43:25



~ by Serena on February 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Gone.”

  1. Amen!

  2. I think I often excuse myself for holding a grudge against someone. “I’m just trying to protect my heart from being hurt again.” And yet God loves me and wipes the slate clean every time I need. Does it not hurt Him every time I sin? I’m glad He doesn’t live by my standards, and He’s helping me try to live more like His.

  3. NICE!

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