The Girls

The GirlsSophie and Cloe are my babies.  I often refer to them as my daughters, though they’re of the cat species. 

They’re sisters from the same litter, but they are completely opposite (probably as different as my sister and I are).  Cloe is independent, curious, and bold.  She’s the Alpha cat.  Sophie is gentle, shy, and needy.  She’s a perfectionist, if you can classify a cat as one.

I’ve learned much from them as my comrades and constant companions:

It’s the simple things in life.  I’ve bought Sophie and Cloe several toys over the years, but consistently their favorite toys are milk rings (what you pull off a gallon of milk) and aluminum foil balls (Hershey’s Kisses wrappers or the like).  They don’t need fancy, squeaky playthings.  Even a straw wrapper will do. 

Unconditional love.  Sophie and Cloe always greet me at the door.  They race up the stairs and follow me from room to room until I pet them.  They cuddle with me at night because they want to be close to me.  They love me whether or not I’m in a good mood.  And it goes both ways.  Even after they throw up on the living room floor, leave litter messes in the kitchen, and chew on the toilet paper in the bathroom, they’re still the most loveable, wonderful cats in the world.

Adoption…an option?  I never thought much about adoption growing up.  I was never against it, by any means, but I never considered it.  I wasn’t sure if I could love someone else’s child as much as my own.  Having Sophie and Cloe has completely changed my mind.  They obviously are not my offspring, and yet I don’t think I could love anyone or anything more.  They have opened my mind to adoption.

Resting in my Daddy’s arms.  If I’m on my loveseat, Sophie will get a knowing look in her eye and head my direction.  If there’s anything in my lap, it can easily be stepped on – or pushed out of the way to make room.  She’ll collapse in my arms, then flop a few more times until she finds the perfect spot.  She falls asleep quickly and purrs in delight.  I massage her little body, and she rests in the arms of her caretaker.  I love it.  (So does she.)  I crave those times.  I can’t help but think that our Creator longs for that time with us – even more so than I love it with my furry daughter.  Have you crawled onto His lap lately?


~ by Serena on January 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Girls”

  1. awww…the girls! It’s been fun to see how much you really do love them, and how much they love and need you!

  2. That is quite possibly the cutest kitty picture I have ever seen!

  3. Thanks! I think so… but, then again, I’m pretty biased. 🙂

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