Faith Quest #26

crossI had the privilege of serving on team in November for Faith Quest.  My “job” was to sit at a table with 5 girls and facilitate conversation – and give a talk on Singleness.

I’ve done this “job” once before, and it was a complete and utter flop.  All of my attempts at getting the girls to say anything were futile.  And so I prayed for months leading up to the event (literally) that the girls at my table would be open and that conversation would flourish.

I’m here to testify that God answers prayers.

After our first talk on Friday night, I asked my first question (I can’t even recall what it was).  Girl #1 responded with something to the effect of, “My parents went through a divorce last year.  My mom, who’s an alcoholic, took my brother and moved to Tennessee.  Now I life with my dad in his trailer, and I just found out he’s not my biological father.” 

Girl #2 chimed in, saying that she could relate since she just met her biological father within the last 3 years.  Her mother got pregnant with her when she was 14, and her father was otherwise absent.

That was the tone for my weekend.  Open.  Honest.  Heavy.

Girl #3’s best friend recently decided she is a lesbian.  Girl #4 is mourning the loss of one of her close friends who stepped out of the shower and dropped dead.  Girl #5 is battling physical temptation with her boyfriend.

It was awesome to watch these girls nail their hindrances to the cross and leave them there. 

While my focus most of the weekend was on the girls, I stole a “God Moment” after nailing my own obstacles to the cross.  They are ones (in most cases) that I continue to pick up again and again after I lay them at His feet, ones that I continue to battle in my quest for healing. 

I returned to my seat and prayed, God, just take it.  I’m so tired of dealing with all this stuff.  Please take it from me.  Take it.  Take it.  Take it.  I felt like He said in return, Then give it to me. 

By the end of the weekend, the girls at my table changed.  We all did.  There remained a spirit of openness, but it was lighter and probably smelled a little bit like smoke – from the hindrances we burned and left behind.  Praise Him!


~ by Serena on January 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Faith Quest #26”

  1. Hey, this is weird, but the girl whose friend died (Blake?) in the shower….. His mom is my mom’s best friend and I’ve known him since he was a baby! Small world!! Very Very sad.

  2. You knew Blake too? I didn’t know him, but Caitlyn was pretty shaken up about it. A small world… indeed!

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