american-flagI’ve never liked politics.  They bore me. 

I was super-excited to be chosen for Hoosier Girls State in High School – until I got there and discovered the entire week was spent learning about the government, campaigning, and running elections. I’m pretty sure I called my parents the first day and begged them to come get me. 

I don’t like watching debates or arguing (about anything.  Period.  Typical middle child, I know).  And though I have personally known very few politicians, I don’t trust them.  I know enough about public relations to not believe what their campaign team and speech writers coach them to say.

I voted in the 2008 Presidential Election, but I only cast two votes.  One for President and one for Governor.  All other polls remained unanswered on my ballot.  Call me an irresponsible American, but I wanted to be an informed voter, and those were the only two positions I could stomach to research.

As Obama becomes the next President, I will respect him with all that he deserves as the Commander in Chief of our country.  Will I pray for him?  Absolutely.   Will I watch the Inauguration?  Probably not.  It has nothing to do with my support – or lack thereof – of him.  It has everything to do with how much politics bore me.  *Yawn


~ by Serena on January 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “Politics”

  1. Politics are boring!!! I am taking an international politics class this semester that is kinda interesting though…

  2. Agreed!! Although, the book “Jesus for President” is rather intriguing…

  3. Yet… : )

  4. […] will agonize over being an uninformed voter or not voting at all (since I loathe politics so much).  I prefer the latter over researching candidates and their phony […]

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